Baltic & Russian Cruise


Baltic & Russian Cruise

10 nights

(11 days)

Aug 9th, 2020 -

Aug 19th, 2020

Port of Departure: Copenhagen

HAL MS Zuiderdam

Holland America

Experience of more than 4 years

More than 3000 customers satisfied

Prestigious ships

Personal and professional service

Route details

The Baltic Sea is the gateway to the enchanted natural beauty of Northern Europe.

Our luxury cruise combined with JEWISH HERITAGE SHORE EXCURSION TOURS offers a unique opportunity to explore the cities and towns of some of the countries that line the Baltic: Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia and Germany. Our sumptuous kosher cruise to this fascinating part of our planet promises a wealth of experiences: from the palaces of powerful emperors and magnificent architecture to one of the world’s oldest museums, St. Petersburg will captivate your imagination. From Tallinn’s Upper Town, view red gabled roofs and spires of Lower Town where you can browse St. Catherine’s Arts and Crafts Centre. Cruise the Stockholm Archipelago – 30,000 islands of dramatic cliffs, tranquil beaches and secluded forests – discover Stockholm’s enchanting cobblestone streets leading to the Royal Palace and into the hub of Old Town. We disembark to discover a new destination daily, leaving you with a profounder understanding of the fascinating places and the charming people that you visit

Day 1 – Sunday – Aug 9


Departure at 05:00 PM

Day 2 – Monday – Aug 10


At sea

Day 3 – Tuesday – Aug 11


Arrival 10:00 AM, Departure 06:00 PM

Day 4 – Wednesday – Aug 12

Saint Petersburg

Arrival 07:00 AM

Day 5 – Thursday – Aug 13

Saint Petersburg

Depart 06:00 PM

Day 7 – Friday – Aug 14


Arrive 07:00 AM, Depart 04:00 PM

Day 7 – Saturday – Aug 15


Arrive 08:00 AM, Depart 05:00 PM

Day 8 – Sunday – Aug 16


At sea

Day 9 – Monday – Aug 17


Arrive 06:00 AM, Depart 11:00 PM

Day 10 – Tuesday – Aug 18


Arrive 08:00 AM, Depart 04:00 PM

Day 11 – Wednesday – Aug 19


Arrive 07:00 AM

Choice of rooms

Please select your cabin type from the follow options. All the prices are per person

Inside Cabin

Inside Cabins offer the most affordable prices for each cabin type, providing all the comforts of a standard cabin and the freedom to enjoy all the services and facilities available on the ship.

Ocean View Cabin

Ocean View Cabins with large windows to admire the view (some obstructed, and some completely unobstructed), Window. A/C. Flat LCD satellite TV. WiFi (service with extra charge). Hairdryer. Safe.

Balcony Cabin

A private balcony providing a direct view of the sea. Air conditioning. Flat LCD satellite TV. WiFi (service with extra charge). Minibar and Room Service (service with extra charge). Hairdryer. Safe.

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Kosher glatt dining room

Notre chef vous régalera de ses préparations culinaires avec le savoir- faire de la haute gastronomie française, sans oublier les spécialités venues des 4 coins du monde.

Quant à notre maître pâtissier, il vous surprendra par la beauté et l’originalité de ses délicieux desserts.

Le plaisir de la table se renouvelle jour après jour pour le grand plaisir de nos hôtes….

L’équipe des Mashgihims est présente à bord dans les cuisines et dans les restaurants réservés exclusivement à notre groupe Kosher-Cruise Ltd et vérifie quotidiennement et scrupuleusement l’application des règles du « Bichoul Israël », « Pat Israël » et « Halav Israël ».

Les viandes et les volailles sont Glatt cachère.

Frequently Asked Questions

Petit-déjeuner et déjeuner (buffet), café/gâteaux a 16 :00, et diner (à la carte)

Tous les repas sont frais et sont préparé à bord, tous les jours

Pas du tout ! nous servons dans de vrais couvert tout neuf que nous recevons au début du séjour

Oui, nous avons avec nous à bord 3 Mashgihims qui allument les fours, surveillent les aliments dès
qu’ils le donnent au chefs jusqu’au service (buffet/table)

Non, nous recevons un coin de 50 m2, et nous Cacherisons l’espace pendant toute la durée de la

Les couverts sont marqués par les Mashgihims, et garde que pour notre groupe durant tout le séjour

Nous servons de la viande Glatt Lemehadrin – Halak

Nous servons que du Halav Israël, et le lait aussi est Halav Israël

Les Mashgihims allument les fours, c’est donc « Pat Israël », et nous prélevons la Hala

Oui, les desserts sont préparés tous les jours par le chef avec les Mashgihims

Oui, en semaine et le Shabbat toutes les Tfilot sont assurées, Sefer torah, Sidourim

a. Le bateau peut être en mer ou en escale, cela n’est pas important car la majorité du bateau est non juif

b. L’itinéraire du bateau est prévu à l’avance, et il ne change pas pour nous, donc il n’y a aucun problème
d’être à bord du bateau

c. D’après la Hala’ha il n’est pas permis de descendre du bateau pendant Shabbat

d. Il n’est pas permis d’allumer des bougies dans le bateau, nous distribuons des bougies électroniques
(qui sont autorisées par tous les grand Rabanim)

e. Clés de Shabbat ? Nous mettons tout dans le coffre, et l’équipage se charge de mettre du ruban adhésif
sur les portes, les portes se ferment mais pas verrouillé

f. Ascenseur de Shabbat ? oui, aux horaires prévues

Actuellement non, peut-être dans le futur ou nous organiserons des croisières plus conséquentes, mais
les piscines ne sont pas l’activité majeur avec toutes les autres choses et endroits à visiter

Conditions of purchase and cancellation

The price includes:

Cruise in the room or suite selected. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in the main dining room. Activities on the boat: concerts, films, disquoteque, sport, animation and activities for children.

The price does not include:

Tips ($ 12 per day per adult, and $ 6 per day per child), travel insurance, casino, spa, yoga and Pilates classes, gift shop, internet connection, photos, laundry …) Some activities (video games, 4D cinema, Formula 1 simulator).

Advance payment:


Babies and infants

Babies from 6 months only.
The price for a baby (until 2 years old): 290 euros per baby.
Children in parents room (2-4 years): 1090 euros per child.
Extra adult: 1390 euros per adult.


Forbidden for all passengers to bring animals of all kinds.


Cancellation fees apply to all reservations. All cancellation will be in accordance with the law:
• More than 120 days of the cruise departure date : the customer will be charged a
cancellation fee of no more than 10% of the booking or $100 per person, whichever is lower.
• From 120 days to 91 days : the customer will be charged a cancellation fee of 30%
• From 90 days to 61 days : the customer will be charged a cancellation fee of 50%
• From 60 days to 31 days : the customer will be charged a cancellation fee of 75%
• Less than 30 days or failure to report for a flight or voyage shall be deemed cancellation and
will be charged at the rate of 100%. Cancellation must be made in writing, via fax or personal
delivery, to company offices.
Note that you can purchase our company health insurance, which may cover cases resulting
from cancellation of the trip for medical reasons or in certain other cases in accordance with
the terms of the policy.


Note that you must have appropriate insurance, as comprehensive and extensive as you need,
including private insurance. In the event of a claim, you must apply directly to the insurance
It is also recommended to insure your luggage.
The company is not responsible in the event travelers did not purchase insurance before the
trip. In addition, each passenger is required to consult his personal physician regarding any
The company shall bear no liability in this matter.


No-show will result in the full charge of the customer for any services, without exception. It is
hereby clarified that the same is true for all flights and cruises, regardless of important reasons
for non-appearance or late flight.


Each passenger is to check with each provider regarding the time appointed for the service,
including flights, cruises, hotels and car rental companies – we will not accept arguments from
travelers relating to not receiving proper service due to delay.
The foregoing does not prejudice any right of the service provider’s own service delivery times.


t is the responsibility of the passenger to obtain the appropriate passport. The company is not
responsible for foreign passport holders.
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