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Koshe Cruise Ltd.

Kosher-Cruise Ltd. has organized deluxe kosher cruises for more than four years.

We have designed dream cruises tailored to the observant kosher shomer Shabbat Jewish community, allowing our guests to cruise in peace and tranquility.

We provide three gourmet meals a day plus an afternoon tearoom, all under the strict supervision of Rabbi Rotenberg of Israel.

Plus, we guarantee daily and Shabbat minyanim to make sure all of your religious needs are met.

Glatt Kosher at Sea

Our cruises are 5-star experiences with only the best in freshly cooked meals (never airline food), served in the luxurious ambience of the ships’ restaurants.

Our gourmet menus feature a variety of mouthwatering appetizers, entrees and desserts, all prepared by the finest chefs from around the world.

Food is prepared and served in kitchens and restaurants reserved for the exclusive use of Kosher-Cruise Ltd., and members of our team of mashgichim are present at all times to assure strict observance of the rules of “Bishul Yisrael”, “Pas Yisrael” and “Cholov Yisrael”. All meat and poultry are glatt kosher.


Don’t forget to enjoy!

Finally, while enjoying the benefits of the kosher group, our guests have the opportunity to take advantage of all the facilities and activities offered on board by the cruise team (shows, theme bar, casino, children’s club, swimming pool, jacuzzi, spa, gym, etc.).

With exotic destinations around the world and complete dedication to our guests’ satisfaction, Kosher-Cruise Ltd. provides the kosher traveler with a unique and unforgettable cruise experience.

We look forward to seeing you!

The Kosher-Cruise Team

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